Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Clutter Free Entertainment Center

It's spring time! With the sun peaking through our window I noticed two things: the dust and the clutter. While I'm still working on a permanent solution for the dust issue, I did come up with a way to de-clutter our entertainment area.

The Fixin's:
A butt ton of DVD's, CD's, etc...
1 or 2 small storage containers
Enough DVD/CD sleeves to accommodate your collection
5x7 note cards

What To Do:
Step 1: Remove each DVD/CD from it's original plastic case and slip it into it's own protective sleeve. Label it.

Step 2: Using your note cards, create a tab for each letter of the alphabet...I also made a tab labeled "#" and "The" as I noticed we had several DVD's that began with "The..." and with a number as the title, like, 17 Again, oh, Zac Efron...(big deep sigh).

Step 3: Organize your collection in alphabetic and numeric order and place into your boxes. You can store all your empty plastic cases out of sight or recycle them!



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