Saturday, February 4, 2012

Memory Jar

As a newly married couple with so many exciting opportunities on the horizon, I thought it'd be a fun tradition to begin documenting each year through a Memory Jar. The idea is to write down funny stories, significant events or heartfelt moments as they happen.

The Fixin's:

  • 3x5 note cards or card stock cut to size
  • a collection jar or box
  • felt-tip pen
What To Do:

Step 1: Designate your collection jar or box and place it in a well traveled area where you will see it often.

Step 2: Punch holes in each card so when the year comes to an end you can easily secure them together with binder clips.

Step 3: Add memories through out the months, then, on New Years Day, make a date with your loved ones to flip through and reminisce 2012's Highlights!

Some examples of our silly memories so far include:

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