Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Felt Heart Valentine's

My Mama showed me how to make these in 3rd grade and you better believe it was my favorite Valentine's Day that year! ;)

The Fixin's:
  • Felt - I piece makes 2 complete hearts, but you'll need a couple sheets if you'd like different colors.
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • an old post card or card stock
  • a cup

What To Do:
Step 1: Begin by taking your post card, cutting it in half and tracing around a cup to create round corners on one end. Trim off those corners. On the opposite end, draw two vertical lines, equally distanced apart, stretching to about where the arc of the opposing end begins. Cut along those lines as well. Nice, work. Now you have a stencil.

Step 2: Take your felt square and fold it Hotdog style. Align your stencil with the side and bottom corner and trace around it. Do this along the entire length of your felt and repeat with each colored square you'd like to use.

Step 3: Following the stencil lines, cut out your felt pieces, including the two lines in the middle.

Step 4: Select two felt pieces and hold one in each hand so their fingers are facing each other.
Step 5: Take the first finger in your right hand and open it up, placing the first finger from your left hand inside.

Step 6: Now, close the first finger from your right hand and place it inside the second finger from the left.

Step 7: Just like in step 5, open the first finger again and place it around the third finger in your left hand. You should see an every other pattern by now.

Step 8: Okay, moving on to finger number two on the right hand. All you do is the opposite as you did with finger one. So, in your right hand, with the second finger closed, weaving it inside of finger one from your left hand.

Step 9: Next, open it and weave it around finger two in your left hand.

Step 10: Close it, weaving, it inside finger three from your left hand.

Step 11: Repeat steps 5 - 7 and there you have it!

Step 12: Fill with a Valentine's treat and make someones day!

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