Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gluten Free Berries and Whipped Cream Pancakes

Back Story: My Mama jokes that she only eats Strawberries and Whipped Cream Pancakes on her birthday...not really sure why. Anyways, one night a couple years ago, she flew in from visiting my sister in Chicago and my Dad picked her up. It was pretty late and the only place around that was open was an IHOP. The waitress came and my Mama asked for the Strawberry Pancakes with Whipped Cream. Then remembering her joke she began to giggle and said, "It's my birthday," which it wasn't. That mindless comment got her a free meal and an IHOP rendition of Happy Birthday. It also got my Dad flush with embarrassment, as if he was a total putz and waited until 11pm at night to take my Mama out for her birthday and then to take her where her meal is free - of all places.
So, with that being said, in honor of my Mama's "Birthday" tradition and my enchanting and delightfully adorable Sister-In-Law whose birthday really is today, I give to you, Gluten Free Berries and Whipped Cream Pancakes!

The Fixin's:
1 C All-Purpose gluten free flour (Red Mill's)
1/3 t of xanthan gum
1/3 c sugar
1 t baking powder
2 extra large eggs
1 C mixed berries
1/2 C low-fat milk
2 t of vegetable oil

What To Do:
Step 1: Whisk together the dry ingredients then add the eggs, milk and oil. stir until your batter is mixed well then add the berries.
Step 2: Heat your griddle to 300 degrees and grease lightly.
Step 3: Use 1/4 measuring cup drop the batter into rounds and allow to bake about 4 minutes or until the bubbles on top have begun to pop.
Step 4: Flip and bake the other side until its golden brown. If your pancakes are a little thick squish them down with your spatula as they bake so the insides cook as well.
Step 5: Garnish with more berries and a dollop of fresh whipped cream and enjoy!

See, I told you. Adorable.

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