Sunday, January 8, 2012

Date In A Box (not to be confused with another D-word In A Box)

For Christmas this year we gave Dirk and Rebecca* a pre-planned, and partially paid for, date. It all began when we bought them a Groupon for Go-Karting and realized we needed a little something extra to fill their evening with.

Enter: Dirk & Rebecca's Date In A Box

The Fixin's:
A note card with instructions
2 Envelopes, labeled: Restaurants, Dares
A CD for their driving entertainment
A pre-planned activity (Go-Karting)
Some props (bag of change, disguise glasses)

What To Do:

Step 1: Based on what your couple likes to do, seek out a fun activity they can participate in. This can be a movie (un-original but whatever), batting cages, rock climbing, bike riding, putt-putt golf, laser tag, comedy show, a concert, the Fair, street markets, wine tastings, cooking class, anything! Make them a card showing the activity’s details (time, place, location) and if you're feeling really generous, pre-pay their way for them and include their tickets.

Step 2: If you're really close with this couple, you most likely know what songs are "theirs." Put them together on a CD for them to, you know...set the mood.

Step 3: Google the location of their activity and write down 5 - 8 fast food restaurants on individual strips of paper and put them in an envelope marked, 'Restaurants.' This is for the progressive dinner part of the date. They'll only visit a total of 5 (one for: drinks, appetizers, main course, dessert and coffee, in that order) but by giving them a few extra choices you allow them an opportunity to veto a restaurant they may not like.

Step 4: For each restaurant stop they make, come up with a dare. Write the dare on a note card and specify on the back which stop this is to be done at, (ex. drinks) then put them in an envelope marked, 'Dares.' One dare must be completed at each stop, but it doesn't matter who does it. For each dare completed, that person gets a point. The person who has the least amount of points buys coffee, or in D & R case, pays for the rest of Go-Karting.

Here are the dares that Peter and I came up with:

For drinks...

For appetizers...

For the main course...

For dessert...

For coffee...

Step 5: Include any props needed to assist in these dares. For this we used the disguise glasses and a bag of change.

Step 6: Complete the date box with instructions. Encourage them also to take pictures for each stage of the night, that way the next gift you give them can be a photo album...just kidding.

Pictures of Dirk & Rebecca’s Date In A Box coming soon!!!

*Speaking of Rebecca, check out what she's up to at:
365 Thousand Words
Rebecca Anne Photography

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