Friday, November 4, 2011

Liquid Hand Soap

Making liquid hand soap is beyond easy, fills the house with a fresh clean aroma and saves you a BUTT TON OF MONEY!!! With just one bar of soap I made over 12 liters of liquid hand soap. Check it out!

The Fixins’:
  • 4oz bar of natural soap
  • Food processor or cheese grater
  • Large pot
  • Whisk Water
  • Funnel
Step 1: In your largest pot bring 4 cups of water to a boil.

Step 2: Finely grate your 4 oz bar of soap. I chose Triple Milled Soap from Trader Joes.

Step 3: Stir the grated soap in the boiling water and whisk until all the pieces have melted and you have a transparent liquid consistency.

Step 4: Remove from heat and let cool at room temperature over night.

Step 5: After letting it cool over night stir to check its consistency. If it is too watery bring it to a boil and repeat steps 2 – 4, adding more grated soap. If it is too gelatin like repeat the above steps adding more water instead of soap.

Step 6: Once you’ve found your desired consistency, pour the cooled liquid soap into air tight containers for storing purposes, empty 2 liter soda bottles work great. If you intend to give soap as a gift try a decorative jar with festive ribbons. You can also add silk flowers or colorful marbles inside for a personal touch.

Words of Wisdom: When repeating step 1, do not cover your pot with a lid and do not leave the room. After all, you are making soap and if left unattended it will bubble over…yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Finding the right consistency took me several days so don’t get discouraged if at first it seems like nothing is changing between repeating steps.

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